Consumption environment and distinguished service

Over the years, we have been in domestic consumers to buy luxury exclamation of degree of enthusiasm, and the purchasing power of the amazing–the last 5 years, the Best watches brands consumption by an average total growing at more than 15% a year. Among them, the hangzhou plays cannot small gaze role.

LV, lancome constructions sales, hangzhou at present the first place at home; Treasure pearl constructions sales, hangzhou has is a world first. Luxury goods sell well exactly to what degree? «Dealers don’t sell not sorrow, only worry is afraid of goods is not enough!» Treasure pearl vice President altman China liao, held recently in a small Swiss watches for men consumption subject salons.

On the one hand is more and more buying power, on the other hand, is the new rich class luxury consumption concept of change slowly. «Only to dazzle the attitude of consumption ratio had rich began to decrease, more and more consumer begin to pay close attention to luxury brands itself the cultural connotation, and additional high-grade consumption environment and distinguished service.» Liao yu, «especially Swiss watches for women and jewelry, from the first time, have adornment, or show off, gradually to high-profile collection. Obviously, the most valuable luxury goods, jewellery, watch first second.»

For example, he said in 2001, the collection class consumption accounted for only copper Replica swiss watches sales share all treasure of less than 3%, to 2005, the data rose from 5% to, and by 2011, the collection of the guest buy swiss watches brands for has reached 20%.Visible, a gold is worth to collect watch, except for the most basic timer function, must also contains the appreciation value and brand unique culture of philosophy. You decided to collect it in the moment, it is not only between a scenery of the wrist, is also to you the children a spirit and material of a precious treasure.8.16

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Yu ship to table was born 1980

Swiss top brands yu ship set limit to sale mens watches, adopt the most accurate complex technology, to create the most exquisite forehead art. Top wrist watch has been a favorite of collectors, yu ship to watch of wrist of set limit to be priceless.

Yu ship to table was born 1980, it is the first to fusion precious metals and natural rubber for the raw material of the Omega My Choice Ladies Small. Yu ship to watch Big Bang Costa Smeralda set limit to wrist, 41 mm in diameter, 18 K gold watch red circle, a total of 319 set 1.49-carat white diamond. Carrying his HUB1141 table space machine core, dial signet Porto Cervo Marina exclusive logo.

Yu ship «flyers» bolton’s exclusive Omega Speedmaster DayDate is limited, yu ship to watch for air, exclusive table set limit to make Mr King Usain Bolt of supreme, sapphire crystal the table also carve, have 42 hour power storage, 100 meters of waterproof, also is the London Olympics set limit to wrist, precious and clinking.

Yu ship to watch King Power Costa Smeralda set limit to wrist, 48 mm in diameter, 18 K yellow gold watch circle dial. Carrying his HUB4214 table space machine core, base Hublot and engraved with Porto Cervo Marina exclusive logo. Swiss top brands yu ship set limit to Omega Seamaster NZL 32, with the movement of the elegant line, in every table for watches and clocks on exhibition of fans bring new series, not only in high-tech material and complex function to create the surprise, brand with more fashion trends of popular trend and design jewelled watches.8.15

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This type of wrist watch is quartz movement

Have a Armani Armani limit lady swiss watch brands is the dream of many women, including Armani Armani lady wrist, stylish4 and costly, such as Emporio Armani Armani rose gold with white round three eye delicate woman wrist watch.

Emporio Armani Armani rose gold with white round three eye delicate woman replica swiss watches. This type of wrist watch is quartz movement, ore aggrandizement glass lens face, with rose gold fine steel and white silica gel bracelet, dial is a circle of white, the butterfly double buckle, life waterproof deepness is 50 meters, in addition also has the eagle Logo.

Emporio Armani Armani meaning type fashion quartz watch of wrist of ms. This type of swiss automatic watches is quartz movement, strap is fine steel, double press the type of the butterfly clasp, with white dial, fine steel casing, ore aggrandizement glass mirror, especially in the second hand small, independent, and life is waterproof deepness 50 meters, also has the eagle Logo.

Emporio Armani Armani black square fashion lady wrist watch. This type of wrist watch is quartz movement, square three-dimensional groove black dial, leather strap, and buckles, fine steel casing, have ore aggrandizement glass mirror, besides life waterproof deepness 50 meters and the eagle Logo.

Emporio Armani Armani silver white round three eye with delicate woman swiss automatic watches. This type of wrist watch is quartz movement, ore aggrandizement glass mirror, silver fine steel and white silica gel bracelet, round white dial, butterfly double buckle, at the same time, life is waterproof deepness 50 meters, and the eagle Logo.8.15

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Let people watch of wrist of product family love

Product antique wrist watch home, look be like old memory, through the crumbling time, send out the meaning of the old, like a of the soul through, for something that the beauty of time travel. In the field of antique watch, product home has been occupied leading status, its antique value, as the collection value the far-reaching.

Product home wrist, whether in the design of the appearance or itself with its own value, are unpredictable. Product antique sale mens watches home than the significance of the collection value, the timing of the development of the technology of step records also become watch making landmark memory, to pursue ancient time shuttle beauty.

Product antique Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch home, the design of these wonderful artical excelling nature, like a rarity, have a kind of can look nearly not to can be encroached sacred, unique tabulation technology and advanced jewelry skill perfect combination, the only product to make these home when plan temptations charm, and reveal the infinite elegant.

Look at home in the long history of the antique Omega Seamaster Chronostop, the plot’s family in lady wrist watch field continuous innovation, glamour multiply: from a low profile to dazzle eye, from the mysterious to make public, tried to aesthetics design, delicate appearance and function display and find the best balance between the three.

Let people watch of wrist of product family love that it is home will be integrated traditional idea carry forward, made that table, flip and with rotating watches, rings table, necklace table, from pure beauty adornment art style, to the vivid pattern of flowers, all the most impressive. Product home since was established in 1833 in Swiss clock of your valley (Vallee DE Joux) since, not only in traditional tabulation technology as the defender of, at the same time it is accurate timing technology and design in the field of one of the pioneer. Excellent quality, innovative concept and exquisite workmanship, make product become the industry leader in the house clocks and Omega Seamaster 300m Mid-Size.8.14

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At the same time round watch ear in the welding watchcase

Wrist watch also partial, and not all of the Best watches brands pointer in center, some pointer is off center, such as Abby millennium series Millenary 4101 wrist watch, the vibration 28800 times per hour of regulating adjustable farmar, especially of the surface of the nine o ‘clock position to attract people’s vision. Now to introduce you to the golden section eccentric wrist watch.

Abby millennium series Millenary 4101 Swiss watches for men adoption each hour 28800 times the vibration adjustable farmar regulating, and this kind of wrist watch regulating the mission and grab the fork and vertical system components to adjust all through the design, especially of the surface of the nine o ‘clock position to attract people’s vision, in addition has eight little farmar’s adjustable farmar regulating show resplendent and magnificent style.

LaSu case’s PanoGraph use red gold case, Lord of the dial and hour hour scale, FeiFan timing pointer and a second hand rose is aureate, simple and clear visual effect, ? fully embodies the simple and harmonious beauty. More important is this type of Swiss watches for women design according to the golden section ratio, all show perfect.

De GRISOGONO circular tuo flywheel gem wrist watch, with a packed in the eccentricity of the type of position at the flywheel, including white drill, black auger and brown drill three styles, flashing the surrounded by a white diamond shining fritillary surface, with elegant tuo flywheel table bridge curve and bold design, this is a combination of excellence tabulation technology and perfection of the crystallization of jewelry art.

Breguet treasure ji CLASSIQUE GRANDE is 18 K rose gold casting circular casing, with a fine Replica swiss watches, sapphire crystal base, 12 when a when for eccentric circle, and the second set in a framework of the flywheel 6 above, treasure ji LanGang pointer, and at the same time round watch ear in the welding watchcase to screw bolt fixed leather strap, very fashionable costly.8.14

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Louis vuitton Tambour series Breitling Cosmonaute automatic machine core

Lange ZEITWERK STRIKINGTIME watch. Lange homemade L043.2 type manual bent machine, constant power grab vertical system, platinum casing, Breitling Crosswind 44.2 mm in diameter, an hour every and each on the hour music tell time, solid silver black dial, with jump jump points, power storage instructions function, with little second stop seconds function, Germany time bridge silver, gold pointer, handmade black alligator strap, BaiJinLang case needle type clasp. Worth $785000.

Abby Millenary millennium manually bent three Breitling Super Avenger: Abby homemade 2 9 10 bend the manual machine core, equipped with love and grab the sole vertical system, double tiffany-twisted design, eccentric type dial, in «the second hand small when a, titanium horizontal oval case, 47 mm in diameter, dark grey dial is set to stick rose gold Roman numerals time-scale, silver small second dial, black hand sewing square large scales alligator strap, titanium AP on folding clasp, not waterproof, only 8 set limit to issues.

Treasure ji CLASSIQUE GRANDES COMPLICATIONS series Breitling Superocean Steelfish configuration 777 m automatic bent machine, 18 K gold circular casing, watch box music staff symbols inscribed, dial with hand-made engraved designs, the platinum coated, each 20 to 25 seconds turn a week, music and ending time synchronization, tie-in resonance spruce watch box making.

Louis vuitton Tambour series Breitling Cosmonaute automatic machine core, 18 K platinum casing, 4 4 mm in diameter, is equipped with three asked tell time, both always area instructions, motivation stores, night and day, show function, 100 hours of power storage, alligator strap, waterproof 30 meters.8.13

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One hundred spirit wings a bentley 3 wrist express gold set auger version

1. Omega wrist watch luxury version constellation2. DIOR VIII black ceramic wrist watch3. Athens Royal Blue flight tuo flywheel diamond wrist watch4. Product home Reverso Squadra Art Ice senior gem wrist watch5. Treasure big calendar window pearl jewelry tuo flywheel wrist watch6. One hundred spirit wings a bentley 3 wrist express gold set auger version7. Yu ship «$5 million» wrist watch8. Case’s Spring Blossom Spring flowers LaSu want to watch
Omega wrist watch luxury version constellation. With «snow Mosaic» technique set has a large round diamonds, 24 mm, 27 mm and 31 mm watch money set respectively have 7.60 carat, 8.84 carats and 9.06 carat diamond.2. DIOR VIII black ceramic Breitling Chrono Avenger M1. Inspiration from the luxuriant PROM gowns the wrist watch, with 263 diamonds decorate on table lap and dial, elaborate hollow out practical place tuo as embroider full diamond bud silk FaWang, can swing over time.3. Athens Royal Blue flight tuo flywheel diamond Breitling Avenger Seawolf. Watch of wrist of enchased 568 top Wesselton rectangle diamond (about 33.8-carat) and 234 a perfect cutting sapphire (about 16.79-carat).

Product home Reverso Squadra Art Ice senior gem wrist watch. The snowflakes inlaying, let the diamond and sapphire hands in photograph reflect the glare. 1300 diamonds and 1755 star sapphire, through all kinds of graphics and lighting effects modern style.5. Treasure big calendar window pearl jewelry tuo flywheel Breitling Cockpit Lady. Diamonds inlaid with spiral radioactive grain structure, its size and diamond series, on the dial contains 194 diamond, table and watch ear on the circle diamond total of 166 single, totaling nearly 10 carat diamond.

One hundred spirit wings a bentley 3 wrist express gold set auger version. Follow the Breitling Navitimer World a bentley wings vaulted rectangular appearance design, unique way to spread the diamonds full whole dial.7. Yu ship «$5 million» wrist watch. The more than 100 carat total weight of 1282 single party model diamond, diamond cut division in the design phase of the original, and find out and atlas, dial and strap complex structure of the diamond match.8. Case’s Spring Blossom Spring flowers LaSu want to Breitling Colt Quartz. 18 K white material to build casing, table circle around the face plate set with 64 of white diamond. 37 a natural pink diamond and 70 white diamond embedded in the face plate.8.4

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Boda feili one hundred De Feili

Patek Philippe is one began in 1839, the famous Swiss Watches for Men brands, the average retail price of each table of 13000-20000 U.S. dollars. Patek Philippe watches technically been in a leading position, with a number of patents, its watches are handcrafted in a factory insist on quality, beautiful, reliable and excellent traditional Patek Philippe for its strong sense of quality, superb process, a steady stream of innovation to create a universally respected Breitling Headwind Watches brands.

English referred to as PP, has been translated into: the Sympatec Phillips, Boda feili one hundred De Feili. To fully appreciate the Pictet Philippe watch than you ever have other Breitling Montbrillant Watches advantages, you must turn back the clock, back to the old.Has more than 160 years of watchmaking experience Patek Philippe watch, for all a taste of the collectors, is the eternal pursuit, especially for connoisseurs, those who seek the sophisticated traditional and high-quality technology. The brand for a long time prestigious series, including many unique features and functionality, for example, constant dynamic table, calendar watches, tourbillon, and the plot when the table.

As early as the sixteenth century, the deep culture of the manufacture of Breitling Navitimer Watches in Geneva in the bud. Geneva early watch maker not only is the technology division, with a sort of almost fanatical enthusiasm, so that works to attain perfection in appearance and performance. This and strive to perfect the spirit of the watch manufacturer from generation to generation, until 1838, Baida (Antoine de Patek) entrepreneurial basis.

A few years later, watchmakers Philippe Philippe (Adricn Philippe), joined his company, Soon, the two work together to change the history of the manufacture of Breitling Navitimer World Watches. They create the new invention, to obtain patents, such as the crown on the chain and adjust the device, and its mechanical movement of the accuracy of a record number of records has not been broken.8.2

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Amy dragon viscount man wrist watch

Wrist watch like time works of art, it can be once love beautiful heart, also can be the best witness great affection; Can the second hand of a frame is to moment, can also day after day the dull happiness. Now the Swiss Watches for Women, have already from the pure time record jump in meaning, is more of a kind of emotional place, a special significance to express, also or a honorable status symbol. Today, along with the development of the industry and consumers to transcend time outside of the spiritual demand increase, the big shots in succession watch brand new, improve quality, many different styles of design series watch money, let the world with more diverse options.

To watch some research can be found, material life satisfied today, people wear table taste and requirements are toward diversified development, have characteristic no innovation watch, have apparently can’t get their satisfaction, and the popular with the Breitling Chronomat B01 Watches, must be in the brand culture connotation to cater to the era under the trend of innovative ideas, rely on the unique design and exquisite technology and appearance of the build. This among them, have to mention is the Swiss watch Amy dragon. First of all, a lot of people will wonder at it three hundred years of history continues, while the near distance see people, and will then carved on it was acclaimed as a decoration technology characteristic, the Swiss clock shop signs, once in Switzerland and Chinese palace noble popularity, until today, Amy dragon is still a luxury watch the ranks of the most popular wrist watch one of the brand.

Amy dragon viscount man wrist watch .The identity of the individual character of position and overall foil, modern is the real appeal to wrist watch, well-made, unique design, fashion not blundering, with elegance, vigor of Amy dragon brand glamour highlighted, it is today the world’s show it to the image characteristics and personalized symbol, a pure and design for men viscount wrist, when can bring these characteristics shows. As said above, a favor by the wrist, there must be it unique. Amy dragon man wrist, this unique performance of incisively and vividly. Amy dragon shape viscount differs from ordinary Breitling Chronomat Blackbird watches, a round of square, fangyuan union, give a person showily do not break composed, elegant and not fall vulgar feeling. Table on both sides circle design flying wing profile, more show man’s masculinity, treated stainless steel strap, two color mutual reflect, structure highly stereo feeling and administrative levels feeling, show find the heroic character vision, no doubt, pays attention to individual character for the man and grade, into a stream of proud of the temperament and the infinite power.

Amy dragon viscount man wrist watch .Careful people will find that, Amy dragon each of the Breitling Chronomat Evolution Watches design, are the right combination of what it showed the noble and elegant brand glamour, Amy dragon viscount wrist watch as well. This wrist crewmen continued the Amy longhua your ear don’t flow to the ancient classical design gimmick, dubbed the wearer distinct personality, fine steel casing well in the round, and sapphire glass mirror mutual reflect, plus table circle on both sides of the flying winger manifold, men’s unique composed and nature, be viscount highlights the full out. More someone said, the neat viscount dial is designed and the collocation of pointer scale, the instantaneous promotion the man of honour status, give had unique individual character smooth added a admire symbols. The choice of man, to a certain extent, had long been injected resolute and resolute and other elements, and can not fall no common, like Amy dragon become the wrist, in every Angle and detail shows the king of free and easy, do random scattering the heroic and masculine, perhaps can really experience to a rigid not concealed, all show inspiring MiaoJing.8.1

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